Camilo Atala Faraj, CEO of Ficohsa, is the leader of the expansion of one of the largest and most successful financial groups in Central America, and has in his blood the highest sense of responsibility to work, family and Honduran society.

As a senior executive of Ficohsa Financial Group (FFG), he helps fulfill the dreams of millions of Central Americans through work. For the banker, it is of utmost importance that the region moves forward by generating opportunities for all equally.

Camilo Atala Faraj focuses his efforts on combating school dropout rate

As a leader in the private sector, he focuses his efforts on combating high school dropout rates, since many children do not start first grade because they are poor and live in vulnerable areas.

For this reason, in 1998 they created the Ficohsa Foundation for Children’s Education, with the firm purpose of giving Honduran children an opportunity to have a better future.

 «We have lowered the school dropout rate by 98%; the parents of the children leave convinced that getting an education will open new horizons for them in the future,» said the banker.

Innovative thinking represents opportunities for change

Another dream that Atala is fulfilling from the FFG, is the Central American integration, a process that has been longed for many years, because it is evidence that with work and will can achieve all projects that are proposed.

His experience leads him to understand that the situation in Central America and Honduras requires the impulse of all, therefore, he invites to participate in the development of the countries. «We have the opportunity to be a generation that forever changed the destinies of the region and this should be something that motivates us all,» he concluded.